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Bags for household items

Custom fabric bags, fabric bottle holders for wines and spirits, special cutlery bags and packaging for furniture and home furnishings. An elegant personalized packaging, which increases the value thanks to the printing of your logo.

Our bags are made of different fabrics: velvet, 100% cotton, organic and recycled cotton, non woven (polyester, polypropylene and nylon), satin, flocked and jute.

You can personalize your logo with silk-screen printing, transparent silk-screen printing, hot stamping, relief printing, rubberized printing and embroidery.

We produce bags with single drawstring closure with one rope, with double drawstring closure with two ropes, customized fabric bottle holders and special cutlery bags.


Viscose, cotton, polypropylene or polyester, jute and flocked tissue

on request

on request

on request

Model types

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